Boost Your Beauty Business

SalonHQ’s CommerceEngine gives you a digital storefront to instantly offer online product sales. Now your clients can shop with you at their convenience 24/7.

Key Features

  • Digital Storefront
  • Consumer Product Ordering
  • Direct-to-Consumer Shipping
  • No Inventory
SalonHQ beauty product promotion
SalonHQ digital storefront on mobile and desktop

Digital Storefront

CommerceEngine helps beauty businesses increase their digital sales by providing a turn-key ecommerce storefront with direct-to-consumer shipping by brands and distributors. Now you can offer your clients a shop-local ecommerce store with thousands of products, while you earn a commission off of each and every sale.

  • Improve your digital reach
  • Increase your product offerings
  • Develop passive commission

Product Ordering

With your instant digital storefront you and your stylists can offer your clients to instantly order products in seconds at home or on the go. Seamless connectivity between warehouses, distributors, and beauty professionals with direct-to-consumer shipping.

  • No inventory required
  • Product ordering for you and your clients
  • One-touch ordering
  • Direct-to-consumer shipping
Ordering shampoo in one click
Three phones displaying SalonHQ app

Omnichannel Ordering

Your clients will have access to an entire catalog of products and you will too. Order all of your supplies and back bar products and offer them to all of your clients as well.  The platform allows distributors and beauty professionals to search and instantly order products. The consumer storefront allows beauty professionals’ clients to place product orders, read stylist overviews and reviews, and earn loyalty points and rewards.

  • Digital training
  • Product promotions
  • Calendar management
  • Push notifications