The Importance of eCommerce in a Post-Pandemic Salon World

“In the post-Covid-19 economy, retailers should double down on digital, consumers require online ordering option.” 

McKinsey & Company

Seems obvious enough. But will it happen? Salon owners and stylists are currently laser focused on re-opening safely and getting their revenue flowing again, in many cases with fewer chairs and teams working in shifts due to spacing guidelines.

Fitting in the launch of an e-commerce website may sound like too much at the moment. What products do I sell? Who will create and manage the site? Who will ship? Me? No way!

However, salon/spa owners and stylists need to know it is not only well worth the effort, but an e-commerce site can be a critical, valuable part of business and revenue-building moving forward. With the growth and popularity of sites like Amazon during the crisis, clients will want a remote option for buying from you. Sifting through store shelves will not be for most people. As a better alternative why not provide salon clients the remote option to order from you through a simple app that allows you to keep and grow your retail business easily. 

You can promote it with in-salon signage, e-blasts, social media and include QR codes linked to the site. Your customers truly want to support you and local businesses and with an e-commerce site they can!

The good news gets better. SalonHQ offers a turn-key solution to accomplish this thanks to a pre-built online store template filled with every product your distributor carries*. Just add your logo and you are off to the races. Distributors will pay a healthy percentage to you of every order and will handle the shipping directly to your customer.

E-commerce serves the dual-benefit of making your customers feel safe and allows them to continue shopping with you and can help you replace some lost revenue opportunities due to spacing requirements. 

Get in on the action when your distributor approaches you with this business-enhancing program that is super-simple to launch and can provide you with extra dollars in this post-coved economy 2.0!


  • You can choose to list as many or as few of the products they carry on your storefront.