The Business-end of Style

Available Now for Distributors and Salons!

"Connective Tissue" for the Beauty Industry

SalonHQ brings it all together for the Salon/Beauty industry. Our interconnected mobile app and web solution brings Brands, Distributors, Salons and Consumers onto a single platform that dramatically improves connectivity, efficiency and sales performance.

One App, Multiple Entries

More Efficient Sales Teams

Sales teams and managers place orders directly into their ERP with just a few taps on their phone or tablet.


  • All of your customers in one place
  • Easily place orders on their behalf
  • Inventories refreshed in real-time
  • Push notifications to customer
  • Invite your customers to app with a single tap
  • Managers can order for Reps in a pinch
  • Managers can compare reps, regions, brands sales figures
  • Add eCommerce to your website 
  • Lower your credit card processing fees (you can even eliminate them entirely!)

Web-based Admin

The Administration Console lets you manage all aspects of the SalonHQ app from a simple web interface.


  • User-management: Add/activate/deactivate/delete users
  • Manage App content like Training>Brand Video channel content
  • Content Management of the Salon microsites
  • Create and send instant push notifications to sales teams and/or Salons
  • Full suite of Analytics

Distributor-powered Salons

An e-commerce focused app for salon owners to one-touch order products directly from their distributor. Fully integrated into the distributor’s ERP/warehouse.


  • Simple touch or scan product search and ordering
  • Orders pushed directly into ERP/order management system
  • Eliminates need for faxes, calls & emails
  • Dramatically reduces human error and thus returns
  • Training module with Brand Channels and Certification courses
  • Point-of-Sale module for credit card swipe/scan
  •  Mobile and Web Storefront for connecting with customers – product ordering with direct ship to consumer, appointment setting, loyalty and more

Salons invite your clients to your own MicroStore

With one touch you can have your very own mobile/web storefront from within the app.


  • Invite all your clients to the app to shop, book, earn, learn and share
  • Increase revenue! Sell all your products online with direct-to-consumer shipping by your distributor
  • Book appointments & manage your calendar
  • Offer Loyalty rewards
  • Create and send instant push notifications with special offers