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Join our marketplace of digital storefronts for consumer shopping. We are powering salons and stylists to buy and sell more products. Sync your entire product catalog into our digital marketplace — connecting you to thousands of salons, beauty professionals, and consumers.

Key Features

  • Digital Storefront
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Product Promotions
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Digital Storefronts

SalonHQ’s CommerceEngine is powering thousands of digital storefronts for salons and beauty professionals. Put your products in those storefronts for consumer shopping at scale.  This will enable your salons, beauty professionals and consumers to purchase your inventory in seconds. 

Welcome to a whole new level of digital retail!

  • Drive digital orders
  • Increase your digital reach


The CommerceEngine analytics dashboard gives you a 360 degree view of all of your sales data including orders, revenue, reporting, and more. We provide the information you need without the technical hassle.​

  • Reporting
  • Content management
  • Product promotions​
SalonHQ accounts screen
SalonHQ beauty product promotion

Integrated Product Promotions

CommerceEngine is a tool that helps you sell more. Increase your presence in thousands of digital storefronts with product promotions and placement opportunities that put you front and center to consumer shoppers.

  • Product promotions
  • Push notifications
  • Content management