Distributors & Brands: Expand Your Reach

With a single integration, the SalonHQ platform puts your entire product catalog into the cloud — connecting you to your salons/stylists and their consumers through our new Digital Storefronts.

Key Features

  • Digital Storefront for your Salons/Stylists to invite clients to shop your catalog
  • Wholesale ordering by your Salons/Stylists
  • Fully integrates with your inventory management
  • Analytics Dashboard tracks sales at every level
SalonHQ digital storefront on mobile and desktop

Marketplaces: Create your own and/or Join Others

SalonHQ can help you monetize your Salon/Stylist customer footprint by powering digital storefronts for everyone. And all these digital shelves are stocked with your full catalog of products. 

If you don’t want to create your own Marketplace you join an existing one.  Grow your sales by making your products available on other Marketplaces’ storefronts.

  • Build sales by monetizing your Salon/Stylist customer footprint
  • Help Salons/Stylists grow their business and earn commissions
  • Strengthen your connection to customer base with value added service – the digital shelf filled with your products!

Marketing-in-a-Box: Promote, Sell, Repeat

The SalonHQ platform comes with a full Marketing engine stocked full of useful tools to help promote to your Salons/Stylists as well as to the consumer shoppers transacting in the storefronts.

  • Email engine
  • SMS Marketing
  • Marketing templates
  • Training and how-to videos and content
SalonHQ dashboard screen

Customer Service: We provide the first line of Support

Some folks need help and we’re here to provide it. We combine chat and phone support for you, your customers and even their customers should they ever have a question or hit a snag.

  • Robust Resource Center
  • Interactive Help Center
  • Chatbots, LiveChat and Phone support
  • FAQs, How-to videos, Reference Docs
  • Training videos and decks for your Marketing, Sales Teams, Store employees, Customer service reps

The Admin Console: Total Control at your Fingertips

The SalonHQ Admin Console provides a 360 degree view of all of your sales data, including orders, revenue, commissions, and more. We provide the information you need without the technical hassle.

  • Automated on-boarding of your Salons/Stylists 
  • Monitor Sales by Brand, Storefront, Region, Time and more
  • Auto-pays Commissions to Salons/Stylists backed by detailed reports management
  • Curate Catalog, Modify Look & Feel
  • Access Store URL and QR Code for promoting to clientele
SalonHQ sales team management