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We get it. You’re a distributor and got a free, web-based storefront you can share with your salons. The promise was to move more of your products by connecting the salons to their customers via this storefront you were provided. It’s a good idea but not one that lays the groundwork for the future you need.

SalonHQ has a better idea. Our mission is to bring you, the distributor, closer to your salon customers. Think of it like an electronic marriage—SalonHQ will streamline and automate ordering for your sales team and your salons. Let’s get your sales force and customers connected before worrying about simple web-based storefronts for salon clients. You wouldn’t start reading a book and skip right to the last chapter, would you? So, why would you build a web-based storefront for consumers before you laid a solid foundation with your in-house team and your customers? That’s how SalonHQ is different from Internet portals. We understand that you need to start the virtual pipeline from your warehouse first before connecting to your in-house team and then the customer and then their customers. 

Our goal is to provide a mobile-based app and web solution that brings distributors, salons and consumers onto a single platform to dramatically improve connectivity, efficiency and sales performance. Still not convinced? Let us talk you through why, in 2020, you cannot afford to do business without SalonHQ

  • You Can’t Halt Progress Long ago in a galaxy far, far away—the 20th century—people actually did business without computers, answering machines, smart phones or iPads. Receptionists answered a landline from 9 to 5, and secretaries took dictation so they could type letters on a manual typewriter. Makes you laugh just thinking about it today. Fortunately, technology never sleeps, and it continues to drive business. Imagine running your company without a website or social media. Imagine where you’d be without your computer or Wi-Fi or your cell phone. Would you want to go back to dial-up now that you’ve experienced High Speed Internet? The point is, you can drag your feet all you want, but the future is here, and it’s called SalonHQ
  • See the Difference We’re not just a mobile storefront—that’s so 2018.  We’re a connected platform that provides a pathway to the future, linking all the key players in the beauty industry—distributors, salons and their clients—in a way that provides a host of benefits to all. What’s more, in addition to the business side, there’s a lot of value-added in our app, like education for salon teams or consumers. Think of it like 5G—it’s happening right now, and it’s going to transform the lives of people all around the world whether the pessimists get onboard or not. SalonHQ is a lot like that. It has the power to transform your business, but only if you see the big picture.

  • Turbo-Charge Your Sales Force One of the things we hear a lot is that SalonHQ could make distributor sales reps obsolete, but that’s simply not true. The reality is that younger beauty professionals don’t look forward to a traditional sales consultant coming into the salon and interrupting them while they’re busy doing hair just to take an order. They’d rather order the products they need on their own time, and most likely on their mobile device. The SalonHQ app lets them do that because it plugs into a distributor’s ERP system so sales reps can quickly and efficiently punch in their orders—no more faxing, no more phone calls, no more picture-taking. If anything, SalonHQ will empower and turbo-charge your sales staff to become more of a business consultant and less of an order-taker. 
  • The Need for Speed Millennials are the future of our industry, which means you have to play in their sandbox, and SalonHQ helps you do that. These young beauty pros love to shop ‘til they drop from their phones and iPads.  They love apps precisely because they make the process easier and more convenient with products delivered quickly to their homes or salons. The truth is, mobile apps are faster and more responsive than old-school eCommerce websites, and that’s why they’re good for business and profits. 

  • Mobile Apps v Web Pages Don’t understand the difference between a web page and an app? We’re here to explain. Websites can display content, data, images and video, and they’re an important part of any company’s branding and marketing strategy. However, a mobile app can be downloaded and installed on the user’s mobile device. That’s a significant point of difference and might explain why mobile-only Internet usage has surpassed desktop usage by a long shot. Because mobile apps run without an Internet connection, users can access information anytime or anywhere, and since they run with their own interface environment, users can become more immersed in the mobile experience. Mobile apps can be used for advertising, branding, personalized content, productivity improvement and cost reduction, and interactive engagement. Research also shows that apps have significant benefits for small businesses because they’re seen as more convenient, faster and easier to browse than a website.

Let’s face it, opening an app and seeing the full complement of services is the way of the future. Using mobile platforms, businesses can increase sales and maintain customers, and isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place?