Instagram Tips + Tricks


Tips For Using Instagram to Promote Your Beauty Business

Instagram is a powerful, and fun tool to expand your engagement, and deepen your connection, with your clients. You can use it to show your personality, highlight your services and share product recommendations that ultimately help you build your beauty business. 

But where do you get started? Here are some quick tips and tricks to using Instagram to market your beauty business.

The number one tip to keep in mind is posting to Instagram should be fun! Remember to make your account engaging and unique to you. Your clients want to follow a person not a robot. 

First, you need to create or update your profile.

  1. Create a business account: Create a new IG business account or convert your current personal account if you’ve been using it for salon related content
  2. Set up your profile: You only have 150 characters available for your bio so make them count! Let your personality shine – people want to know there’s a human behind the account not a robot. Use emojis to get a message across in next to no characters. Use line breaks and spacing to make your bio easier to read. Make sure your bio and profile picture are up to date.
  3. Contact information – make sure it’s up to date
  4. Take advantage of the business profile features
  5. Add the correct Category – when creating your business profile you’ll be asked to pick a category – this will help followers know exactly what you do
  6. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Include CTA buttons so clients can easily shop from your digital storefront. To create CTA click edit profile -> contact options -> add an action button
  7. Don’t forget to add your digital storefront link to your bio.

Now it’s time to think about what and how you are posting!

  1. When posting – use “link in bio” in posts to send people to your store to buy a certain product you’ve referenced or highlighted.
  2. Geotag your posts when you are at your salon. When you post from your salon add the location name to the post – IG compiles all the posts tagged at that location so your brand photos will live among client photos. All this adds up to brand awareness for you and your storefront!
  3. Plan your content in advice and commit to a regular posting schedule 
  4. Use Highlights: The stories highlights feature prolongs the life of your Stories (which disappear after 24 hours) by featuring them on your profile in categories you select. [show an example here]

Pro Tip: Ideas for Highlights could include Location Information (hours / how to schedule an appointment etc) Products (products you love and how they work) Styles (pictures of customers after appointment) Color After Care (what products to specifically use if you have colored hair)